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Things that make me happy (in no particular order)
Being in nature - prefer extreme places like in a raging river or on top of a mountain - I really feel alive there.
Being with close friends.
Having my whole family under one roof.
Observing kids play, talking to kids, playing with kids...I like kids in general.
Dogs and cats.
Having a clean house.
Making something myself.
Finishing something I didn't think I ever could/would.
Learning new things and putting them to use.
Trying new food and loving it.
Listening to live music and feeling completely uninhibited.
Having someone to talk to about the little stuff.

Things I would like -
To have less clutter in my life.
A dog
Another baby (there are many cons here and not many pros, but it doesn't stop me from wanting one more).
To have a friend close by who I could visit when I'm not having a good day (I realize this takes time).
To be a good swimmer without having to work at it - ha!
More self confidence.
More artistic vision.
Someone to talk to about every little thing I think and feel who won't tell me I'm completely insane...and who I feel comfortable enough to share all my fears with.
The ability to read faster and retain information.
More time.

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Not the content, but the blurb at the bottom. What exactly did he contribute? Punctuation? Not really a big article for two people to be taking credit for.

Actor Robert Culp dies after fall
By Alan Duke, CNN
March 24, 2010 5:50 p.m. EDT
Los Angeles, California (CNN) -- Actor Robert Culp died after falling and hitting his head in a Los Angeles park Wednesday, his publicist said.
CNN's Jack Hannah contributed to this report.
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I had so many things I wanted to get off my chest and just....talk about...but after looking out the window, I've decided that all I really want to say is....I'm so glad the sun is shining. Maybe sometimes I talk too much. I sure think too much.
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We're in the process of locating a preschool for Saffron to attend this fall. It's really only between two preschools, both of which we've heard great things. One is run at the rec center and is within our local school district and is public. Saff could go anywhere from 1-5 days a week for half day or full day. If she goes there, I'd likely want her to go three days a week. The other is a co-op in a town right down the road. Is only two days a week for 2.5 hours a day.

Here is the problem and it's one that we're going to run into when it comes time for kindergarten as well. The appeal of the co-op is that it's less expensive naturally and that I'd get to meet several of her school friends and their parents on a regular basis - just because that's how that system works. With the other, I can volunteer as much or as little as I want and I may or may not meet many of the parents. However in the public program, Saff would be placed with older 3's and young 4's - whereas in the co-op she would be placed with strictly 3 year olds (she misses the cut off by about 2 wks), so she'd be one of the oldest kids in her class.

I'm going to tell another little side bar here and then get back on track. Saffron is currently enrolled in a class at a place that does early childhood stuff. Last week was the first week for this particular session that is once a week for three hours and I had her signed up for Wednesday mornings. When I dropped her off I was noticing that several of the kids were pretty small and I heard many of the moms talking to one of the teachers about "he/she isn't potty trained yet, but we're working on it" & "he or she isn't using their words well yet, so please encourage him/her to talk". Several of the kids were much younger than Saff and I didn't see too many her own age, so when I picked her up I asked if she was the oldest kid (she was) and then asked if I'd signed her up for something incredibly age inappropriate (I hadn't, this class just happened to be younger). Because she has a tendency to model behavior (good or bad), I didn't want her to regress her speech or toilet behaviors and asked to switch her to another class with older kids - which they gladly did, so now she's skipping naps on Tuesday all together and going on Tuesday afternoons for three hours.

Like many parents, I think I have a fairly bright child. She's spelling, doing math, has a HUGE vocabulary...I mean, not huge stuff, but she's really getting the hang of stuff at a quick pace. I don't know too many three year olds who sit at the dinner table and ask to do math problems. I'm afraid, by putting her in the co-op that she won't be challenged on the older level that I feel she's on. I'm afraid that since many of the kids are on the younger side of 3, that she may revert to younger behaviors. A lot happens these first three years in a kids life and they change SO much. I'm teetering back and forth between when she gets to kindergarten age, whether or not I should petition to get her in early because I feel like she can handle it...but then I worry about...what if I'm wrong and she really does need that extra year and the cut off is right where it should be?

Parenting is hard...and we have a lot of decisions to make.

On another growing up front...holy crap I think nap time may be dying and I'm so sad. I need nap time too!
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Just wanted to share this note from my mom - if anyone out there in LJ land would like to donate items for a basket - I will purchase the basket here if you want to ship it to me. If you want to make a blanket for the blanket raffle - I'd be happy to reimburse your shipping expense. Any help anyone out there would be willing to give would be appreciated. While I don't agree with all the choices that my brother has made with his life, I don't want to see Gavin suffer. Gavin goes in for his second kidney biopsy on Monday morning.

And now - the note from my mom.

February 27, 2010

Dear Family and Friends:

Before you know it Mother’s Day weekend will be here and it will be time for the third “Gavin’s Garage Sale”. Bill and Jean Sehy have asked to host the sale because their plat holds a community garage sale every Mother’s Day weekend and it will be the perfect opportunity for a successful fund raiser to help with the needs of our little Gavin.

Jean has assured me that she’s prepared a room and is ready to start taking donations whenever you are ready to purge the house of all those gently used unwanted goodies.

Last year we had a bake sale and it was a HUGE success. This year, as well as a bake sale; we’d like to have a raffle with donated items valued between $25 and $50. These items could be anything from quilted, knit or crochet couch throws, lap quilts or baby quilts/blankets, decorative throw pillows, 12” baskets filled with theme’s such as, “Movie Night”, Coffee/Tea Lovers, Pasta Lovers, Kitchen Necessities, Kids Fun, Bakers Delight, Baby Needs, Fisherman/Golfer essentials, Crafters, Baseball Lovers, Dog Lovers”, the list goes on!! This project could be your individual contribution or one that your extended family or a group, work place or service organization you belong to. We have already gotten donations of an antique rocker, a decorated birdhouse & a birdfeeder and seed combination, a baby blanket and a beauty basket donated by a beauty shop. The only stipulation on a basket containing food is that the food is wrapped from the store and non-perishable.

Sale and raffle items will be accepted at Bill and Jeans or our house beginning immediately. Baked goods and last minute raffle items can be delivered the Wednesday before Mothers day to Bill and Jeans.

Sale dates will be May 7th & 8th. We will be setting up on Thursday the 6th. Bill and Jean’s address is: 16325 Prairie Rhonde, Schoolcraft, MI 49087. Phone is 269-679-4246. Our address is 886 Shelby-Ontario Rd., Mansfield, OH. 44906. Phone 419-529-5347.

Gavin is not doing well and is not moving toward remission. He will have a kidney biopsy on Monday, March 8th at Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids. Hopefully from that they will be able to tell how much damage has been done over these last two years to his kidneys. It looks like; unfortunately; we are in for the long haul.

Please know that we so appreciate all of the help and prayers that you have given in this journey with us. God is faithful and has shown us that by the generous support of so many.

Love and Peace,

Paul and Dorothy Sehy
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I would like to thank a woman by the name of Nicole (no not me) for pointing out to me this morning, that while I think I'm in decent shape, I am in fact, not.

I was running this morning on the treadmill at the gym. It was an easy day, I only had to do two miles today. I was thinking, ya know that's really not much I'd better go lift some weights for a bit afterward. So I head over and the weights are always so confusing to me - which do I do when and is it good to do only arms or mix it all up? I just never know and I hate weights.... I watched two ladies standing outside one of the exercise studios discussing different classes and I thought - I'm going to go check that out too. So I got up and checked out the schedule and one of the ladies said that the class that was getting ready to start was pretty fun - kickboxing, high intensity aerobics and some dance. Great, thinks I, I can do this no sweat!

After an hour of torture later, I'm not real sure that I'm going to be able to sit up out of bed tomorrow morning or walk for that matter, let alone complete the three miles I'm supposed to. Holy crap was it a hard class - but you know what? It really challenged me and I NEED to be challenged, so I will go back next week for more and I may even find another class to try in the meantime. I had fun working out with others and chatting with some of the ladies. Maybe I'll make a new friend.

Afterward I showered and grabbed Saffy from the daycare center and we headed to the cafe where there was a woman with two little girls, one of whom was wearing a princess dress. Saffy commented on it and made fast friends with the girl, who turns out, is three also. I had a nice chat with her mom and found out about some pre-schools close to the area to check out...and the mom introduced herself and said she looked forward to seeing me around the gym, which made me happy. At least I didn't come off as some needy or crazy woman - yet. :)

So, life is good. I'm getting my body and mind back in shape. I've been reading news online - this is a big step for me and I've gotten real books from the library (not fiction!). I'm slowly making friends, but it's a process and it does take time. I'm putting myself out there into situations where I might not always be so comfortable and it's good for me!

In other, not me, related news...Saffron hasn't had a single poop accident this week and she poops nearly every time she sits on the toilet. I'm very proud of her. Big step. We're still working on some attitude issues, but alot of those, I'm finding are actually my own damn fault and I'll take the blame for it. I've been a very angry person for the last several months and unfortuantely it has encouraged my little girl to be very angry way too frequently. I'm working on it - she's working on it.
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So, for the past few weeks I've been getting together once a week with a lady, Jenni and her two kids - 17 month old twins Robert and Elizabeth. I met Jenni at CHABAM where Saffy is taking classes and she gave me her phone number, so I called her and invited her to a play date out with a group from a website I've joined and we just hit it off. Jenni and her partner, Anna, recently moved here from New York so we're kind of in the same boat.

Anyway, today I invited them to our house for a play date and before she left, she gave me a hug....and really, that simple thing, made my day. I have really enjoyed getting to know Jenni and the fact that she feels comfortable enough to give me a hug, well...it's just a good feeling.

In other news, yesterday I went to the doctor because I've been having some issues lately. I started an anti-anxiety med in October that I think is leaving me with some horrible side effects. The other night while Eric and I were sitting on the couch I got tingley all over and very clammy and my heart started racing. I wasn't anxious at all. Between this and the fact that my ears have been ringing like crazy for the last several weeks - I felt like maybe it was medicine related and we went to the doctor. One of the side effects of this med is that it can increase your cholesterol - not great for someone who already has high cholesterol and a family history of heart disease. So my new doc took some blood and suggested I wean off this medicine. Also, she pointed out that the raging headache I've had for the last several days is actually a sinus infection and gave me an antibiotic. I was planning on seeing another doc in her office on the recommendation of someone online, but I kind of like the lady that I saw and she doesn't seem to have as full of a load of patients (the other doc I can't get in for a physical until June 22nd!). So, I'm weaning off my anxiety meds and maybe going on to something new, we'll see.
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I bought business cards today. The idea being, I'm meeting so many new people right now and some people that I really would like to get together with in the future. I thought I'd print out a card with just my name, phone numbers and email address on it and if I meet someone I'd like to have coffee or a play date with, hand it off...since I'm fairly new in town.

Is this a good idea or would you find it creepy if someone did that to you? Not like I'm going to be giving them out to strangers or anything, people I've seen at story times or meet elsewhere.

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Holy crap. I am so freaking blah it's not even funny. I'm eating everything under the sun and not exercising. This is not good.

In other news - we're on our way to being fully potty trained. Not there yet, but right now, my kid is sporting six tattoos from her escapades with number two in the appropriate place this week. We're saving a bundle not buying as many diapers (I still use them at nap time and night). However, I am doing a little more laundry than normal...so am I really saving anything?

Saff started an art class one day a week for two hours last week. She loved it and keeps talking about a little boy named Jacob - who "she thought was really annoying and she liked him alot". Daddy had to explain to her what annoying meant..so now he's really friendly and she likes him alot. :) We went to a playgroup with a local moms group and it was fun. I met a lady at CHABAM (the place where Saff is taking her paint class)last week during their open play who is also new to the area. She has 17 month old twins and she gave me her phone number. I told her about the moms group and the play date and we met up there. She seems nice. I just feel awkward meeting new people.

In other other news - yesterday Saff was sitting on the couch while I had been doing dishes. I walked in to give her a kiss and thought I smelled something funny, so I asked if she pooped - she says no - but lies sometimes so I asked to check her tush. It was clean, so I asked if she tooted and she said "No, but that smell might be your breath." Lovely. I guess Eric and I need to watch our goofy smack talk from now on. Also earlier this week we walked into the bedroom right after Eric had come out of the bathroom doing his business. It was a little stinky so I commented that daddy took a stinky poo. And Saff said "Yeah he took a big shit!" I told her she shouldn't say that word and she said ok. I asked where she'd heard it and she said "You guys say it all the time!" Note to self - stop talking like a sailor. At least she's not dropping the f bomb anymore.

This week I need to get my kid signed up for preschool. I'm feeling old. Too much change in the last year. Oh well. All in all, life is really good.
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Ok, so I haven't signed on to LJ for a week or two and this morning there's a full fledged fricking commercial that I have to watch before I can post or read?! WTF? I've been toying with Blogger, but I think now I've been pushed to head that way. Yes, I want free, no I don't want to be forced to watch commercials. I don't mind the scrolling ads so much, but actual commercials? No thanks.

Anyway, not much is new. Having sleep issues with the kid and trying really hard not to be a mean mama, but I'm not being very successful. Girlfriend pooped on the potty yesterday, so I was going to reward her with Chuck E Cheese today - because honestly, it's a momentus occasion. Dad and mom are coming up today for more testing for dad. I want a dog. It snowed overnight.....see...I got nothing really.
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